About Us

It wasn't always The Asylum.

The story starts back in 2009 under the name of 'Sense-Able Solutions'.

It was here the journey began on the path of learning what makes the collectors mind tick. Specifically in the field of Retro Video Games. Set in the broad landscape of eBay and the addition of a permanent pitch at a local market, Sense-Able Solution, for a short time, became the go to destination in Brighton, England, for all Retro Gaming needs. These early days would be the start of something special. It would be the underlying doorway to the creation of 'The Collector's Asylum'.

The Collector's Asylum was birthed in 2012 whilst myself, Mike Of The Asylum, was still in full time employment. It was a simple idea which to this day is still constantly being revised and developed. The goal is to offer great products, service and advice for all things collectible starting with what I personally love and expanding from there.

I finally took the leap of faith required to run the Asylum full time as of December 2017. After having spent the previous 4 years trading at comic conventions, toy fairs and funding the business from the wages of my day job at the time it was time to take the plunge. Not the right time, as is normally the case, but the time none the less.

In 2019 I took another huge leap and decided The Collector's Asylum required a full rebrand. That is what you see today in the form of Asylum Toys.

The changes made during the re-brand represent my never ending intent to not only improve your experience when visiting the Asylum via a shiny new website, with an improved interface, to help you find what you're looking for easier. It was a conscious statement and effort to start a new era for the business so it can strive and grow moving forward. 

There is still much more in store for the future of The Asylum. However, all things by nature must come from humble beginnings. Driven by passion, I will continue to push toward the greater goal of becoming the retail leader in the field of toys and collectibles to the benefit of toy lovers and collectors.

In the meantime, I hope that everyone we encounter, have met and are yet to meet enjoys, and continues to enjoy, the adventure as much as myself.

Thank you to everyone who supports The Asylum in any capacity. It wouldn't be what it is today without you. Thank you as well for taking the time to learn about The Asylum's journey. I look forward to continuing on it and seeing where it takes us all next.